About TYFY

TYFY: Two Year First Year Our mission is to promote excellence by championing the implementation of best practices that enrich the first year journey for students at two year institutions. Our vision is to be recognized as the national expert and leading voice in enhancing the impact of the two year first year student experience.

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TYFY: Two Year First Year is a 501c3 public charity dedicated to sharing best practices among programs that support first year students at two year colleges. TYFY: Two Year First Year was created in 2013 by two year college professionals who recognized the special challenges inherent in engaging first year students at their institutions. Higher education institutions share the same goals of social and academic integration; retention and success; health and well-being. While the goals are the same, most two-year colleges have fewer resources and less time with students. Most two year colleges are not residential and many do not have athletic programs. Our students are older and more likely to face significant external demands such as children and families, and full time work. Two year colleges are often stations on the way to transfer institutions or new careers. A research project by Sharon Smith, formerly of the North Carolina Community College System office indicated a desire to create a new organization. This new organization would dedicate itself to sharing best practices and informing the staff charged with creating programs to support first year students. Since then, members have gathered from around the country to build the organization and hold a first TYFY conference in Virginia in 2015.

Annual Conference

TYFY's Conference goal is to provide the opportunity for faculty, professional staff (advising, financial aid, counseling, coaching, first year experience, etc.) and administrators from around the country who are interested in the needs/interests of first-year students at two-year institutions the ability to share ideas of what's working and not working at their institutions.

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The conference attendance is usually around 90 so it is a more intimate group providing the opportunity to discuss, learn and network in both formal and informal ways. We want attendees to be able to take what they learn at the conference and be able to apply it when they return to their schools without needing more resources, staff, etc. We may even have a student co-presenting in one session.

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We are excited to invite you to become a member of a new national organization, TYFY! TYFY, Two Year First Year, is specifically designed to support programs for first year students at two year colleges. TYFY needs you to become a member!

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Whether your college has a formal first year experience program or not, this organization is open to all faculty, staff, administrators and students interested in first year student success. TYFY is committed to supporting the first-year journey for students in two-year college programs. As an inclusive community, we strive to identify, advocate for, and implement best practices that enhance the student experience.

The First-Year Experience in Two-Year Public Postsecondary Programs

The First-Year Experience in Two-Year Public Postsecondary Programs Results of a National Survey September 26, 2018 The First-Year Experience in Two-Year Public Postsecondary Programs Results of a National Survey Rayane Alamuddin,  Melissa Bender DOI:...